2003, Januart 10th
Finally I've splitted the site into english and russian parts and uploaded libetc. We had to rename it to openLIBETC to avoid confuse and possible problems with Sony. news - no news from organic, he's being bothered by some italian guy who tries to get info for his commercial project for him. Let's send "boo!" bomb to italians! Last week question is anwered - these instructions are used to copy 4 byte words. Thanks goes to RomikB.
Moving to RomikB stuff. He moved to SourceForge.Net and his new address is There are also two versions of his site - english and russian. Couple of days ago he "" completely died... Several days ago RomikB got some gamedemos as ISO files from Lynx and now he's probably trying to make Lara run in Tomb Raider ;)
2003, January 5th
Happy new year! We are a bit late but it's better than never. New year vacations are a bit longer than I, Lynx, expected. That's why I think that site will be entirely translated to english by the end of the next week. Right now we are trying to bring an attention from some BIG developers to help our main project - HLPSE. We've also thought that it's time to contribute HLPStEst to community so they will see what HL emulation with dynarec can do with PSX.
Moving to real news, ORG made private release of HLPSE 0.02. When starting Tekken 3 it finally loads NAMCO PRESENTS logo to framebuffer! But right now he's stuck with some MIPS stuff... Please go here and answer our question if you can.
Moving to RbPSe news. RomikB finally sent me a new version which runs MANTA! It works a bit strange on my computer but I'll try it at monday on my g'old Athlon with lowend video to see how good it is. Emulator already features sound support but you need some new plugin (like P.E.o.p.S. SPU)... Well, RomikB thinks that emulator will be opensource and it'll be released in about one month. Current version is 0.38 but official site is very unstable and doesn't feature latest download.
Stay tuned!

P.S. If you still can't find DOWNLOAD page... Hint: DOWNLOAD PAGE!

P.P.S. OOops, no libetc online yet. I'll upload it tomorrow.
2002, December 21st
We are starting to translate parts of the site to english so non-russian visitors (I wonder if their number will exceed 10) could easily navigate entire project. We are also going to move most of downloads from to SF.Net.

9PM GMT update:
Seems that I've almost finished updates of links and other stuff. I'll finish some sections and leave the site until I'll here some comments from you.
September the 1st, 2001 - December the 10th, 2002
Well, our news archive is available in RUSSIAN version of the site. It can be found here. We'll try to translate major news events to english, but that might happen later.