We are providing links to resources which have something about PSX - docs, history, emulators. Some of the links have links deep inside site so if it'll not work just try to use root link (http://sitename/).
If you are searching for information about another MIPS-base console - Nintendo64, please visit n64.narod.ru which is maintained by Flash.

Russian PSX emulator from RomikB. It utilises dynarec core for CPU and HLE to emulate minor stuff. It's done in pure ASM (even WinAPI frontend) and soon will become opensource. category: EMULATOR.
E}|{'s software page
E}|{ is author of the best (and fastest) software plugin for PSEmuPro compatible emulators. He's from Belorussia.
category: EMULATORS.
They claim: "#1 nextgen emulation site". And that's really like that - they have dozens of links to most popular PSX, N64 and other emulators, FAQs about emulator configuration and compatibility lists. NGEmu.Com hosts most of the PSX emuscene sites including AdriPSX. Their forum is very popular and you can meet such popular as Pete Bernert, Roarą, linuzappza and others
category: EMULATORS.
That is central Russian Emulation Portal which always has fresh news, outdated ;) articles and biggest russian emulation forums.
category: EMULATORS.
Very nice opensource PSX emulator, probably number #2 in free emulation world. It has very nice GTE core and much stuff to look at. Greet linuzappz!
category: EMULATOR.
Here you can get AdriPSX (PSX emulator) for DOS & Windows and it's sources. We recommend you to check it's STATUS page.
category: EMULATOR.
The best PSX demo group which created most demos for it. 50 great demos including Deadline Caught Me which is more than just a legendary demo...
category: DEMOSCENE.
Well, that's a legend. Or may be that WAS a legend. This site has everything emulation related - hundreds of emulators, thousands of savegames and music tracks, documentation for many platforms and other neat stuff. Too bad it became crap when Nitro and others left the site...
You can get PSX demos and PSX docs with PSX tools from that site.
Emulation Programmer's Resource
You can find some really usefull stuff here. This is a book explaining MIPSI/II architecture and a lot of other usefull stuff.
doomer's page
This guys were at the beginning. Here you can find some docs (GPU, SPU, GTE, CDROM) and a couple of demos... Here you can also find working PS-X EXE assembler called SPASM which you should definately get.
This site has freeware SDK (for linux) to develop stuff for PSX. Guys also made a great R3000A debugger but it's only available for GNOME :(
That's the best demomaking site in russia. They tlak about programming of gfx, sound, demoparties and other stuff.
category: DEMOSCENE.

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