Here you can find all the files located on our server:


- full PSX hardware description (J.Walker)
- GPU-plugin interface
- SPU-plugin interface
- CDR-plugin interface
- debug console for R3000A (v 1.0)
- debug console for R3000A + Rush (v 1.1)
- PSX debugger (v 1.3)
- Rush interface
- GAS2MASM tool (from id Software)
- sources of my first emulator
Seems that the only thing working here is interpreter and emulator runs only PRINTGPU from Doomed/Padua...
- lots of fonts for demos


We suggest you to use ePSXe to check that stuff.
- "Deadline Caught Me" - DEMO from Paradox & 3Pixels -- superb!
- chrome effect
- scroller with model

These progs can help you benchmark an emulator and see how compatible it is compared to real PSX. If all stuff here works it doesn't mean that emulator is perfect ;)
- PRINTGPU - GPU from Doomed/Padua (+sources)
- ROOT COUNTERS check and SPU from Doomed/Padua (+sources)
- mouse check from SCEI (+sources) (removed due to legal issues)
- Dual Shock test (+sources)
- ripped to PS-X EXE BIOS (SHELL) (removed due to legal issues)

This should be enough to write your own emulator.